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A good friend of mine sent me this recently and I just had to share it with you…

Today I was driving along Victoria Road in Lilydale and I turned into Beresford Rd and there was electricity works happening and they had shut down half the road.

The traffic controller on the corner had his back to me, his slow batten up and  was standing in the lane I needed to drive in!

I gave him a little beep to let him know I was there and without turning around he moved off the road!

I was so angry and concerned that if I hadn’t stopped and tooted him, I would have hit him! It would have been my fault and I would have to suffer the consequences.

Its upset me that much that I actually called the traffic control company and explained my concerns. We all go to work expecting to come home, He might well not have and I may have been in serious trouble.
I told them I wasn’t calling to get the employee in trouble, but out of concern for the safety of that employee and those around him. I wanted to offer advice for their toolbox meeting that, he was lucky, I was paying attention, next time he might not be so lucky!

Stay aware of your surroundings and never reply on someone else for your own personal safety. I hope he is made aware of how lucky he was today and to be more vigilant in the future. I don’t want to be the reason he doesn’t come home to his family.

Awesome job T, and for those of you who do see something that you think is a little unsafe please take a couple of minutes just to make a call or write a quick note…..
You may save someone from getting hurt!

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