What life might have looked like if I’d not been injured that day.

It’s not often that I look back and reflect on how my life might have been different if I had not go​t​ hurt at work.

My way of coping with my injury has been to look at the things I can​ still​ do​, ​rather than the things that I can’t do any more.

But this week was a little different. I was working in the area and decided to go for a drive past my old workplace, the place that I had my workplace injury.

Now I’m not a religious, spiritual or ​an ​esoteric person but as I was driving down the road towards my old workplace​ ​I had some incredibly strange feelings.

It took me back to that day over 30 years ago​,​ where I rode my motorbike to work expecting to be able to ride my motorbike home again​.​

It brought back memories of many of the things I used to do during my pre-injury days​. The enjoyment I got from doing my job,​ ​the people and characters I used to work with and the simple fact that my life before my injury was totally different to the life I’ve lived since I got hurt.

Don’t get me wrong, my life since my accident has been good. I’ve managed to keep going and make the most of every opportunity I have been afforded.

But driving down that road today made me think about the “what if’s” and how my life may have been different if I hadn’t gotten hurt that day.

Don’t hurt yourself​ ​people​,​ you may be able to live with an injury, but you never never “get over it.”

Stay safe, Australia.

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