How are Toolbox Talks for a QLD, WA, VIC, NSW, or SA Business Different than Normal Safety Meetings?

One of the best ways to raise safety awareness at your business is to invite a safety speaker to educate your employees on the importance of safety on the job. CNBSafe is a small organization that operates all over Australia, no matter if your business is in QLD, WA, VIC, NSW or SA. Safety is so important to us that we will travel to you and deliver one of our moving Toolbox Talks, which is sure to increase safety at your workplace and lower the chance of injuries.

The Unique Perspective of Toolbox Talks for a VIC or Other Australian Business

Safety Speaking is a profession that has been around for quite a while, but nobody can have the same impact that CNBSafe has. The reason is simple- all of our speakers have been injured on the jobsite in the past, which gives us a unique perspective on injuries and safety in general. While other safety speakers rely on pictures and statistics to convey information, we tell moving stories and show living proof that a workplace injury can change a life forever. Actually seeing our speakers makes the risk and consequences of workplace injuries very real, which is something that a PowerPoint could never do.

Just What are Toolbox Talks?

We’ve mentioned the term a number of times in the article, but no matter if we’re giving Toolbox Talks in WA, QLD, or anywhere else, the meaning is the same- it’s simply the name we give to our informational safety meetings. During these meetings, we can either discuss safety in general or talk about a specific safety topic- we will consult with you to determine which topic is the most appropriate for your business. No matter what we’re talking about, though, the information is solid and effective at increasing safety awareness.

What You’ll Get When You Schedule a Tool Box Talk

When one of our speakers begins their presentation, you’ll be entranced until the moment they finish their story. We offer a different perspective on safety and provide a unique insight into a workplace incident. We are injured workers sharing our experiences, telling real life stories. We make it clear that getting hurt at work will change your life, and giving an opportunity to your employees to ask questions of someone who has been involved in an accident or fatality makes our Toolbox Talks in SA (or anywhere else in the country) a gift as much as it is a service.

Contact Us Today

If you want to schedule just one or a series of Toolbox Talks for your NSW or other Australian business, it’s important to do as so as soon as possible. Safety can’t wait, and a meeting today could potentially save a life tomorrow. Our speakers will be the first to tell you- and convince you- just how critical safety is, so contact us today.

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