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James Junk

The last few months I have had some really interesting conversations with people about “Speaking UP”
I’ll be honest and say that before I got hurt I used to see my workmates take a risk or do something that I thought was “Unsafe”….. And I didn’t think I had the right to say anything to them. I can remember one time when I was an apprentice and the tradesman I was working with started using a grinder without a pair of glasses on. I can clearly remember thinking “That’s a bit dangerous” as we were always told to wear our safety glasses at TAFE.

But I didn’t say anything because I thought he knew better than me!

Now I DO….. even if I’m only visiting a site for a short period and I happen to notice someone taking a shortcut or doing something risky I will approach them and just ask the question. “Is there a safer way to do that?”

So c’mon everyone let’s make this the normal practice in our workplaces, let’s look out for each other and make speaking up a “Normal action”

Oh and if somebody says something to you rather than get defensive and tell them to mind their own business….. Take it as a compliment that someone will look out for you.

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