CNB Safe Online & Livestream Presentations

Guidelines and What you need to know

Online presentations are now part of our ‘new normal’.

Whether it be via Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Webex, Google Meets or any other platform, there are a few guidelines we have put in place to help you as the client and us as the speakers, to ensure you get the most impactful presentation online.

You may also have your own internal procedures for online presentations and meetings. As this is a new forum for many businesses, including CNB Safe, we welcome your contribution and feedback.

Prior to Online Presentation – Client and Speaker
  • CNB Safe will provide the email address of the speaker that the client will then send the online link invite to for the presentation & test meeting
  • This will also need to be sent to so we can support and assist the speaker as required
  • A TEST meeting with the speaker (and if required CNB Safe Office) to be conducted to ‘iron out’ anything that is not working
    • Date & Time of this meeting to be organised with CNBSafe Office and scheduled with client and speaker
    • Speaker will endeavour to have appropriate software downloaded prior to this online call (if possible)
  • Date & Time of LIVE presentation to be confirmed
    • Specifying the country and state (VIC, NSW, QLD, WA etc) the online presentation will take place in, as speakers are based in all states of Australia we need to allow for time difference, including daylight savings
Online Presentation Guidelines
  • Speaker will be online 10-15 mins prior to start time in preparation
  • When speaker is speaking all other attendees microphones are to be on mute
  • Preference is for all cameras to be turned off while speaker is talking so they can focus on speaker
  • We recognise that this may vary depending the number of people on the call
  • Introduction to speaker should be kept to a minimum and allow them to tell their story
  • Preference is for the chat option to be off, so as not to distract the speaker. In some circumstances, if this presentation is being facilitated/moderated, then the chat can be used for questions that can be asked at the end of the presentation by the facilitator
  • The speaker will NOT have the chat function open to refer to
  • Speaker will move between them speaking to the camera and sharing their screen with either PowerPoint or video
  • Once the speaker has finished their presentation they will open up to questions that will be facilitated by the client
Recording of Online or Livestream Presentation

If the client has chosen the additional option to record the presentation, this will need to be done from the clients end as they are the host.

Any recording of the presentation is only authorised to be used internally in the business and not be shown in any public forums or uploaded to social media.

We request that once available, the recording of the presentation be sent to
It is a great opportunity for us to be able to share with our internal team and provide visual feedback to the speaker.

Please contact Vanessa or Sandy at the CNB Safe Office at any time with any queries.
03 9730 2900