Does your Product or Service deliver what is says?

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Ok, so how many of you are able to offer a product or a service that doesn’t actually do what you say it does?

It seems that hotels are able to!!!!!

Recently I booked a hotel room that claimed to be wheelchair friendly, when I arrived there was a six inch step at the front of the room with a timber ramp that had an old bit of carpet nailed to it.

The ramp was almost at a 45 degree angle and there was nothing that I could grab onto to pull myself up.

Its just Bullshit that you can offer a room that is just not accessible without assistance. The staff were great in offering to help me to get in and out of the room but that’s not the point. I want to be able to get in and out of the room without having to ask for help.

I’m sick of booking a room in a hotel that claims to be wheelchair friendly but it’s just not!

If you don’t have a room that suits me just tell me and I’ll find one elsewhere….. but don’t sell me something that just doesn’t work!

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