How sick are we all of hearing these words!
How sick are we of the changes the pandemic has brought us all!
How sick are we of even talking about COVID!
I can see how some people are struggling to deal with COVID….. I am!

So here is how things have changed for me over the last few months…

I have not been to work since early March, my workplace visits have completely stopped. 
Normally I’m away at least a couple of days each week. 
This means I’ve been home more than I ever have, the battery on my car is flat because I’m just not using it. My dog is not used to seeing me so much and doesn’t wag his tail when he sees me. 
I’ve put on 10KG as I’m eating out of boredom. 
I haven’t been motorbike (I ride a quad bike) riding with my son since January.
My daughter in law & son had a baby and we could not see him for a week due to lockdown.
I’ve spent a fortune on eBay, Wish and Catch of the day internet shopping and I’ll be receiving packages for the next 3 months.

But having said this I look at how we (Australia) has fared compared to some of the other countries in the world. I don’t really like ScoMo, I don’t really like Albo. But I have been somewhat impressed with SOME of the ways they have managed the country during this Pandemic.

One thing I’d like to see change is the way that politicians talk and treat each other, there is a real “Nastiness” in some of them. We need to bring back a bit of respect and courtesy to each other. If you watch Parliament on TV they all act like kids and it’s just horrible.

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