For a New Kind of Workplace Safety Presentation and Talk, Turn to CNBSafe’s Unique Speakers

Every year, tens of thousands of Australians get injured on the job. A few even lose their lives in workplace accidents. With those sobering statistics in mind, it is no wonder that many companies and workplaces set a large emphasis on safety. Even with regular workplace safety presentations, employers may be missing out on actually driving home their message. When all your employees hear is the corporate line about safety, they may not listen as closely or care as much as they should. This is problematic. At CNBSafe, our speakers know exactly how to get through to the audience. For starters, CNBSafe does not give regular safety talk presentations. We don’t come to your workplace to educate you on proper practices. Our speakers aren’t even safety experts. They’re actual people with real experiences that come from a brush with a workplace accident or fatality. It’s a different view on safety at work, and employees can relate to these people who are just like them. With real stories and a message, customised to the specific audience of your employees, CNBSafe offers a new kind of effective workplace safety talk.

We provide speakers whose experiences inform their safety talk presentations

Greg Smith was a dedicated and hard worker right up to the moment that his fatigue caused a horrible accident. Now paralysed and in a wheelchair, Greg works with CNBSafe to reinforce the message that you shouldn’t push fatigue! Though he has come back from his accident to be a Paralympic athlete, Greg still feels the effects of his accident each day. His workplace safety presentation will challenge your people to consider the ways they handle fatigue within the workplace.

Everyone thinks they have the ability to work through feeling tired. Sometimes they may even feel like they have to go that little bit further despite their fatigue. That’s what causes accidents, and Greg will discuss with your employees every step of the process he went through after his injury. It’s a sobering and personal reminder of the price paid when safety falls by the wayside because you are too tired to focus on it. This safety talk is unlike any your employees have experienced before, and it is sure to stick with them. CNBSafe strives to create better places to work through our presentations.

Our safety stories will teach your employees something new

In addition to Greg’s story, CNBSafe also features several other speakers with real life experiences to share. Our speakers tailor their talks to fit your particular company or corporate culture, and can include a follow-up workshop presentation as well. It is an excellent way to drive home the value of being proactive and concerned about being cautious and safe at work. Sometimes your employees just need a good reason or a fresh perspective to remember why it’s all so important. No one wants to get stuck living in a wheelchair for life because they were too tired one day! To book Greg or one of our other speakers for a safety talk, please call us on 03 9730 2900.