Improve Your Safety Performance with Workplace Speakers in NSW, SA, and QLD from CNB Safe

Finding creative ways to promote workplace safety is a common issue SA, QLD, and NSW workplaces all struggle with. People are often interested in making money, completing their jobs quickly, and getting out of work on time. That leaves room for many tragic workplace safety issues, often tragic, that could have been easily prevented had proper precaution been taken. However, if you can’t find a way to make your employees interested in workplace safety, how can you ever prevent these terrible accidents?

Some NSW companies have promoted safety bonuses, but these are often expensive for employers, and can wrongly penalise people who cause harmless accidents (dropping product in a warehouse or tripping in a safe area, etc). Other companies in SA or QLD promote safety awareness with videos and training documentation, but these solutions are often boring to employees and painful to sit through, making it nearly impossible for them to apply their learning to their positions.

CNB Safe Speakers– An Alternative to Traditional Workplace Safety Prevention Tactics

Many people respond well to sound reasoning. Why do I need to wear safety glasses? So you don’t get metal or wood in your eye. However, if the reasoning seems far-fetched or just unlikely to occur to that employee, the initiative is lost on them. However, if they know of someone who this incident did occur to, they would likely be much more inclined to obey safety measures. CNB Safe Speakers realised this and that is why they provide workplace safety speakers in QLD and other Australian territories to host workplace safety talks across the continent.

CNB Safe Speakers is not a professional safety company; instead, they are a group of workplace safety speakers in SA and surrounding areas who go out and tell employees about their real life accidents in the workplace. The speakers’ goal is to prevent these accidents from happening to other people, by sharing their stories. Consider learning off speakers who were run over by a forklift, after ignoring standard forklift safety measures. Wouldn’t that change your perspective on safety? CNB Safe Speakers uses human experience to promote workplace safety, by sharing their speakers’ stories of loss and accidents in the workplace.

CNB Safe Speakers also writes a monthly safety newsletter that focuses on what the company is doing, tells more about their speakers, and provides safety insights and tips to better safeguard your workplace. Many companies love posting this in common areas, such as cafeterias, meeting rooms, or locker rooms, to ensure employees can read through these newsletters and learn more about workplace safety.

If you believe CNB Safe workplace speakers would benefit your NSW or QLD company, reach out to them today to schedule a time and date for them to come visit your employees.

CNB Safe speakers can help you improve your company’s safety campaign, and more importantly, protect the lives of your employees. To learn more, visit their website at