Woody’s Book – Register Your Interest

Thanks for your interest in my book.

Can I start off by saying I’m not a writer, but then again I’m not a public speaker and thousands of people have listened to my story.

So if you want the real guts of what it’s like to get hurt at work have a quick read of my book.

It’s done in two versions.
One has some swear words in it, no more than you would hear at a pub, footy game or in a workplace.
The other has the swear words removed to keep the H.R. Departments happy.

I’d suggest you read the one with swear words as it’s how I speak.

Anyway, here’s my questions for you.


Are you interested in a copy of my book?
Which book version are you interested in?
If yes, what format would work best for you?
Choose one or more of the following:
If you are a workplace, would you like a copy for each employee?