Why Toolbox Talks in Perth, Melbourne, Adelaide and Brisbane, Australia are Changing the Way Workers View Safety

There’s no question that workplace safety is a top priority for any company, from the smallest restaurants to the biggest construction companies. Keeping employees healthy allows productivity to stay at optimum levels, raises morale, and creates a better working environment for everyone involved. So just how do you make sure that your employees are working safely? Let CNBSafe help with our toolbox talks.

Why Pick CNBSafety to Educate Your Company on Safety?

We have four speakers working for us right now, each with a different perspective on a different aspect of safety.Unlike many safety speakers, who simply drone on about numbers and statistics, our speakers are statistics. Who would you rather learn the importance of safety from- a bored speaker with a PowerPoint or a man in a wheelchair who wasn’t wearing the proper safety equipment while on the job?

The man in the wheelchair is certainly going to do a better job convincing his audience that safety is a priority, because he will be the first one to tell them that life in a wheelchair sucks! Our Toolbox Talks for Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, and Brisbane are held like an open meeting, where workers can both learn first hand about safety and then ask questions or raise specific safety concerns. We can discuss safety in general or focus on an industry-specific safety topic- the choice is yours, and we can consult with you to determine which approach would work the best for your company.

Toolbox Talks from Adelaide to Perth, and Everywhere in Between

Safety is very important to us and we want it to be important to you, so we’re available to travel anywhere in Australia in order to speak with your company. We provide a unique insight into a workplace incident, sharing real life stories about how getting hurt at work can change your life, and whether you’re in downtown Melbourne or located in the middle of the Outback, we will travel to you so that those real stories can be shared. We believe we can save lives one Toolbox Talk at a time, so the talks are worth the travel time.

Contact Us to Learn More about Toolbox Talks

Australia deserves to hear the information that we have to share, and your company is no exception. Toolbox talks in Brisbane happen all the time, and we’d be more than happy to put your company on the schedule, even if you’re on the other side of the country. We have four speakers working for us right now, each with a different perspective on a different aspect of safety. Contact us to find out who would be best for your business, and we’ll be at your workplace to speak in no time at all.

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