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What we do

CNBSafe Safety Speakers is a company that provides Safety Talks and Safety Presentations throughout Australia and New Zealand by experienced Safety presenters who have all been affected by workplace injuries or fatality.
Our CNBSafe Safety Speakers are not safety professionals but are highly experienced and motivated speakers who tell their stories. They are not about Statistics or procedures they deliver real life safety talks and safety presentations on important topics. Namely, how getting hurt or killed while doing their job has changed their lives.

Our talks can help reduce accidents in your workplace

Our safety talks and presentations are delivered by real life people and will make you and your staff and employees think twice about any unsafe action they may take. By sharing their safety talks our safety speakers help reduce industry accidents by encouraging your team to take responsibility for their own safety, to look out for each other at work, and to turn to their safety training as a resource. Safety talks show people the real results of getting hurt at work, and safety presentations are a great way to invigorate your workplace into the importance of staying safe.

What is a safety talk?

Safety talks are where an injured worker or an individual who has been left behind due to a fatality of a loved one, shares their experience in a very real and powerful way. Their presentations and talks can help expose your employees to the dangers of workplace injury and the importance of safety training.

How can a safety talk it benefit your business?

Safety presentations benefit your business by being informative and extremely thought provoking and enabling your staff to see the real results of a workplace injury or death.
Safety talks give your workmates the opportunity to discuss topics like how an injury changed the life of the person delivering the safety talks. Businesses can benefit by running regular safety presentations or toolbox talk and are an ideal way to keep employees focused on safety. Meeting a real presenter can have a valuable impact on your company health.

What kinds of workplaces benefit from our safety presentations?

All businesses and workplaces will benefit from safety presentations. Safety presentations from CNBSafe Safety Speakers will have an impact at all workplaces from high risk & heavy level industry right through to schools, educational facilities and all workplaces in between. Safety presentations are not just about staying safe at work but also at home. They can be an invaluable resource for your life.
Safety talks have been held in school yards, workshops, lunchrooms, offices, factories, foundries,Shipyards, mine sites, construction.

Frequently asked questions(FAQ) people have about our safety presentations?

What type of Safety Presentation or Safety Talk can I book?
All our Safety Speakers have their own safety message be in most instances it can be tailored in content, duration and to the type of audience as required.
Whether it is a tool box talk, an induction program, safety day, management/leadership meeting or safety conference our Safety Speakers can share their message to all audiences and create the Safety Presentation or Safety Talk you require.


James was such a pleasure to present alongside, his story allowed our teams to connect with safety in a complete different format, the visual and heart felt message is such a powerful way to share the true reflection of a work place injury, and this is what safety is all about.
James ability to engage with the workforce is seriously the key to the power of a message.
And he’s not such a bad Aussie.
I would work alongside this great man any day. Kia Kaha James !
Shane King – Principal Health, Safety & Environment Advisor – Broadspectrum New Zealand