For Workplace Motivational Speakers on Safety in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, and Perth, CNBSafe Provides a Unique Experience

Workplace safety is of paramount concern in Australia. Not only are there governing bodies that oversee workplace safety as well as programs meant to aid with costs associated with workplace injuries, but there are also many safety experts in the industry. These people travel around to various sites and give advice on how to make the workplace safer. There’s another element to safety. However, that’s just as important as good practices: the human one. At CNBSafe, we provide motivational speakers Brisbane businesses can bring in to talk about safety. The difference with our speakers, however, is that they are not safety professionals; instead, they are individuals whose lives were affected directly by a severe injury or death in the workplace. We believe there’s another way to educate workers about safety. By exposing your employees directly to the disastrous consequences that poor safety can lead to, you will be able to both educate your employees and reinforce only the most excellent safety habits. Help prevent workplace injuries by bringing in one of CNBSafe’s motivational speakers.

Featuring one of the most moving workplace safety motivational speakers Brisbane can hire

When you get hurt at work, it will indeed change your life. James Wood thought his life was pretty great right up until the moment he pushed himself too far at work. A diesel mechanic with a completed apprenticeship, his whole life was ahead of him when a series of poor choices led to a workplace accident that damaged his spinal cord. James was paralysed as a result. Now CNBSafe brings James Wood’s story to organisations all around Perth, Melbourne and Australia-wide. What makes James a unique motivational speaker that businesses can count on, is his perspective.

Your employees can learn valuable lessons from our motivational speakers in Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, and Adelaide and all over Australia. The personal nature of their stories and the intimate look at the realities of workplace injury can have far-reaching and long lasting impacts on the safety culture at your workplace.

CNBSafe’s Speakers Provide a Unique Insight into Workplace Accidents

CNBSafe’s different perspective on workplace safety sets us apart from ordinary motivational speakers Sydney can deliver. Get your employees thinking about how their life could change in an instant because of poor choices they make about workplace safety. Don’t just educate them on how to be safe. Motivate them to be safe! With the advice coming from outside of the company and from someone who has first-hand experience, you’re going to see better results than you might otherwise. That’s why CNBSafe should be the choice for motivational speakers Adelaide can use to educate its employees. Our information is independent, unbiased, and designed to help create a safer workplace. If you’re interested in booking James Wood or one of our other motivational speakers, please call us on 03 5965 2000. You can also use our web inquiry form. We look forward to working with you.