Motivational Safety Speaker

Professional Motivational Safety Speakers


Who we are

CNB Safe Speakers provide a Motivational Safety Speaker to your workplace who share their real life safety stories and who have all first hand been affected by workplace injury or fatality.

What we do

Our CNB Safe Motivational Safety Speakers are not safety professionals but are highly experienced Motivational Safety Speakers who are willing to share their safety experiences all over Australia and New Zealand. As a Motivational Safety Speaker they are not about Statistics or procedures but about delivering real life safety presentations that will motivate your team to step up to their safety responsibilities and work towards a safer workplace.

How can we help you

By choosing to have a motivational safety speaker we can work with you to come up with some solutions specific to your workplace. Having a motivational safety speaker at your Safety Day, Safety Conference or workplace will help you change the way employees think about safety. They will choose safety like it is second nature and make sure that they and their workmates go home safely everyday.

Why have a Motivational Safety Speaker at your business?

The better question is why not??

A Motivational Safety speaker will change the way you think about safety. It won’t be just a word or a procedure, a motivational safety speaker will have an highly emotive impact to employees that no standard safety presentation has.
Motivational Safety Speakers will give your team a reason to think about how and why they do every action and everyday and empower them to go home safely at the end of everyday.

Frequently asked questions(FAQ) people have about our Motivational Safety Speakers?

Can the Motivational Safety Speaker I book stay and mingle after the event with the attendees?
Many of our motivational safety speakers are happy to mingle with guests before or after an event, or, if appropriate, dine along with guests at the event. However, as our motivational safety speakers often have other engagements to manage, this will need to be discussed and arranged when you first make your booking.

What people have to say after hearing from a Motivational Safety Speaker

Michelle was very courageous to stand in front of a large group and speak about the loss of her son Alex. Her speech is very touching as she allows you into her life and speaks about how her family and Alex’s friends have had to come to terms with their loss. I think everyone in the room would have left with some insight into the consequences of losing someone and the ever lasting effect it has on everyone. The comments we received from people included, being more vigilant in the workplace, never assuming or taking anything for granted and the choices you make can have a huge impact.
Michelle reiterated the importance of following workplace procedures and having the right attitude towards safety to ensure you help create a safer place to work.
The inclusion of the statistics on workplace incidents in Australia was alarming and heart breaking. Michelle hit home that there was a life behind each of those statistics, someone’s father, brother, sister etc.
As Michelle said if her story can change one person’s way of thinking it makes her journey worthwhile. From the feedback we received from our employees her story definitely made an impact.
Lisa Marsden HST Coordinator – Murphy, Pipe & Civil