CNBSafe’s Inspirational Speakers Give Valuable Insight into Safety for Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, and Adelaide Businesses

An accident in the workplace can have consequences that stretch far and wide, and can affect more people than just the person injured. While many safety toolbox talks and safety meetings will mention this point, for many workers, it can remain in the abstract. An attitude of “it will never happen to me” can develop even with rigorous safety procedures. This lax attitude can lead to severe consequences. When you want to reinforce the reasons for safety, bring in one of CNBSafe’s inspirational speakers. Sydney businesses will find our methods have a strong impact on employees. Our speakers are not safety professionals. They are real people with real lives affected by injury and death in the workplace, and must now live with the consequences. Give your employees a unique perspective on safety and its importance that comes from an unbiased and independent outside source. When your employees hear these stories from inspirational speakers they can relate to, they will be much more likely to take away real lessons.

Give Employees a New Insight into Safety with Inspirational Speakers Sydney Hasn’t Heard From

As a result of a workplace accident, Michelle Rath received the news that no parent ever wants to hear. Her son Alex, a young apprentice in the refrigeration and air conditioning industry, died in a workplace accident. The effects on their family have been devastating and far reaching. Now, Michelle wants to make sure that no other family has to suffer through the experiences that her family and Alex’s fiancée suffered in the wake of his death. During her talk to your employees, Michelle gives background info about who Alex was and what happened to him. She discusses the difficulties in delivering the news to the family, the impact of that news, and why she shares her story at all. When opting for inspirational speakers, Brisbane businesses will find that safety talks become a lot more real and more personal.

Michelle’s “Alex’s Story” presentation is a sombre reminder that when an atmosphere of complacency develops around safety, there can be fatal results. With an inspirational speaker, Melbourne workers will discover the reality of workplace accidents and identify with the individuals involved.

Learn From Those Who Have Experienced Workplace Accidents First-Hand

Don’t rely only on the traditional and often repetitive safety talks as these can often start to lose their impact. Inspirational speakers in Perth like Michelle lend a deeply emotional and human angle to workplace protocol. This can be an eye-opening experience for many of your workers, some of whom may be avoiding thinking about what being safe really means. This is a great opportunity to remind employees that being safe means going home to the ones you love at the end of a job. Michelle can communicate that message better than any inspirational speakers Adelaide has yet seen. For booking or questions, please ring us on 03 97302900. We’ll be happy to work with you to tailor our message to your business!