Greg Smith – Fatigue

We’ve all been there…You are so tired that you just want to sleep! But you have to keep going, just a little bit further, just a few more minutes, just a couple more kilometres……… BANG!

That’s what Greg remembers about the accident that broke his neck & changed his life!

As a tank operator and physical training instructor in the army, Greg a will explain how fatigue contributed to him being in a wheelchair, he will ask your people to think about how they deal with fatigue issues in your workplace.

His story will make you & your workmates aware of just how pushing things too far can have disastrous results.

Greg shares how his accident not only changed his life, but it affected his friends & family too.

He honestly explains that he still struggles with some issues that are caused by his accident.

Show your workmates the impact of fatigue.

Topics Shared:

Life before his accident in the army – The accident – Hospital to Rehabilitation – Learning to live again
Family & friendships – Mental health – Life now

Greg shares ‘Don’t Push Fatigue’

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