Watch the Preview of James Wood Story Now

Hey, how many times have you had to stop work because of weather or a mechanical shutdown, and you think ‘Great opportunity to run some training!’

Or a new employee starts and you want to give them a strong safety message?

Or you are planning a regular safety day and are stuck for ideas on what to share?

Or as we are currently experiencing the impact of a Pandemic, you just don’t want to get all your people together in the same room at the same time?

Here is your solution!


A while ago after many requests I decided to create CHOICES The James Wood Story Safety Training DVD Package. *

It’s a fully self-contained training module that you can run on your own. It comes with a run sheet to explain how to run the individual components of the package.

Perfect for those rainy days, breakdowns, and inductions.

It only takes less than 60 minutes to complete and will leave your employees with a powerful message and reminder that getting hurt will change their lives.

For a limited time we have slashed the cost of the training package.

We are in some pretty dire straits at the moment and we want to make sure that people still focus on staying safe at work.

Order online or give us a call to discuss further.

We can supply the safety training package on a DVD/USB or an electronic format that can be distributed on your internal networks*.

Stay safe,



*Multiple site licence required for distribution to more than one location within the same company. Further details available on request.