Alan Newey – Amputation

Alan Newey will share the story of how he lost his arm while working near a conveyor belt!
Alan is a survivor of a workplace incident who sustained a life changing injury while doing a simple task that he had done many times before!

You have no idea what life is like with only one arm!

Alan speaks from the point of view of an injured worker and gives a real insight into what happens to you during and after such a devastating experience.

Alan is extremely honest about the issues and effects of a workplace incident and his presentation not only addresses the sequence of events leading up to his injury but the flow-on effects he experienced after getting hurt at work.

Alan will give your employees a ‘Wake up’ call & will ask them to
think about their responsibilities.

Topics Shared:

His workplace accident – Hospital to Rehabilitation – Effect on Family & Friends – Coping with workplace injury
Prescription drug dependence – Work Safe investigation – Complacency & Workplace Culture


Alan shares ‘The Human Side of Safety’


[cl-review quote=”Alan’s story made me realise how important it is to work safely, not only for your own wellbeing but for those around us and in particular your family. His story also emphasises the need to be strong and confident when raising safety issues at work and not just accept that this has always been like it or the way we have always done it.” author=”Trevor Roesler” occupation=”HSE & Training Superintendent – Ensign Energy” type=”quote” layout=”modern” bg_color=”#e97036″ text_color=”#ffffff” italic=”1″][cl-review quote=”Our staff really enjoyed having Alan on site and listening to his life story – all information was taken on board and into account. I’m sure our staff will be discussing Alan for the next few weeks and how safety can play a huge in our daily work and home life and how it can affect those around us. We will be sure to look after each other and speak up about safety issues. Thank you Alan.” author=”Angela Logozzo” occupation=”Site Administration Assistant – Lemnos Foods” type=”quote” layout=”modern” bg_color=”#59595b” text_color=”#ffffff” italic=”1″]
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