Okay so I’m going to ask you to put yourself in my situation for this one. I use a wheelchair and I can’t stand up, even for a minute or less.

That has not stopped me living a full life for the last 30 plus years since I got hurt.
I’ve competed in sport. 
I’ve travelled all over the world. 
I have never been unemployed, I have rebuilt engines and single handedly replaced them in my old Holdens.
I’ve even bummed my way up some steps to sit on the great wall of China.

So how do you think I would feel if someone said to me,

“You can’t come to our site because our management team 
have decided it is not accessible for you.”

F#$K right off!!!!

Who are you to decide what me or anyone is capable of? 
And especially without any consultation whatsoever!
You don’t know what I am capable of and more importantly you did not even ask if I thought I could cope with it.

Big lesson here people. 

DO NOT assume what others can and cannot do. Ask them if they think they can do something, or even better ask them what you can do to assist them to achieve what you would like them to do for you.

I think I can rightly say that this really pissed me off!

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