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How important is it to make FUN part of your work???

For me, it is an absolute priority!

It is a core value of mine, and when the work that I do stops being fun, it will be time to change my work, and do something else.

Truth be told, I actually feel a bit sorry for people that don’t appear to be enjoying what they do…

(and, they are usually happy to tell me that they are not enjoying it…).

So, what can you do to enjoy your work more?

Here are three tips:

  1. Don’t take yourself, or your work, too seriously (yes, I understand you have a tough job – maybe lighten up a bit…)
  2. Be deliberate about finding something to laugh or smile about – having fun is more about MAKING it happen, than LETTING it happen
  3. If you are not having fun, please remember that I (and others) are still trying to …

This photo was taken recently at AGL Coopers Gap Wind Farm, and when they sent it to me, it was titled ‘working the camera’.
Put a camera in front of me, and I will be having fun with it!!!

Oh, and a massive thanks to AGL Coopers Gap Wind Farm – Australia’s largest wind farm recently, and the team was amazing. Thank you so much for having me… and for the great photo!!!

As serious as my topics are, they can still be fun!!!

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