Woody’s Words – Week 9 – Can’t Unblock my Gutters

Woody's Words

Woody the Safety Bloke and how he can’t unblock gutters

Good day everyone, Woody again, hey we’ve had some pretty crappy weather here over the last month or so. A couple of weekends ago I was home by myself and we had a big downpour of rain and one of my gutters started over flying in my shed, it’s just a whole heap of leaves and shit that was in the gutter that blocked one of the down pipes. 

Now you could just jump up on a ladder, you know, clean the leaves out and get the gutter flowing again, I can’t do that so I had to ring a couple of mates to see if they were available to come over and try and get up on the ladder and unblock my gutter so little things like that make a pretty big difference and you know sometimes I’m just not in the mood to ask people to help me, so yeah it’s a bit of a pride thing. Don’t get hurt, I’m woody, see you next time. 

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