Woody’s Words – Week 70 – Up the Driveway

Woody's Words

Woody the Safety Bloke & Safety Annie go up the driveway.
Sometimes I need to get help just to get out of my house!!

Good day everyone, Woody again and I’ve got my little mate with me this time. Safety Annie. Hey listen, we bought a new house a while ago and I didn’t think too much about it because one of the things that it’s got is a really steep driveway so you know every time I want to go up the driveway, not in my car, just in my wheelchair, I can do it by myself but it’s pretty steep so normally I ask Annie or Vanessa or whoever’s with me to give me a bit of a push. 

So just have a look at this and we’ll show you how we get up the driveway together, come on Annie, let’s go. So imagine what it’d be like if you had to ask your son or your daughter to push you up the driveway every time you wanted to go out, don’t hurt yourself people, I’m woody, stay safe Australia, what do you say Annie [Annie: thanks, stay safe Australia] see you next time. 

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