Woody’s Words – Week 68 – Wish I could walk 200m

Woody's Words

Woody the Safety Bloke wishes he could walk….
Especially when his wife says she might drive 200m!!!

Good day everyone! Woody again. School holidays here at the moment and one of our neighbors has gone away for a couple of days, and we offered to look after their dogs at their place. So I pretty much just have to go over there a couple of times a day, feed the dogs and make sure everything’s okay. Anyhow, last night about 8:30 – 9 o’clock, my wife said to me, I got to go and feed the dogs, and she said to me, I might drive.

Now the reason I’m laughing at that is they live 200 meters away, and she said I might drive across, and I sort of looked at her and I had a bit of a laugh and I go, you know what, I wish I could walk across and feed the dogs. The reason I’m sharing this with you is that, I don’t think you really understand or realize just how much you miss things until you can’t do them. I reckon if I could walk, if I had the opportunity to walk again, I’d never drive. I’d be like Forrest Gump. I’d just walk everywhere, even if I had to go to Sydney, I’d would walk there. But I just had a bit of a laugh that she wanted to drive 200 meters instead of walking. I wish I could walk 200 meters. Anyhow, I’m Woody; stay safe Australia.

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