Woody’s Words – Week 67 – Darts Anyone?

Woody's Words

Woody the Safety Bloke set up his new dart board in the man-shed.
What do you think maybe the problem?

Good day everyone. Woody again, welcome to my little man cave. It has started to look pretty good. 

A couple of weeks ago, me and my young bloke, we decided that we’re going to mount a dartboard on the wall. So anyhow, we checked this thing up. I did a google search and I found out that the height of the dartboard, the bull’s eye has to be 5’8″ from the floor. So anyhow, we thought we will do it the right way, so we mounted this board up on the wall, put us a little set of LED lights around the dartboard. Got them off the eBay for $1.95; looks pretty flash, eh? But anyhow, once we got this thing up on the wall, we started to have a couple of games of darts and then I actually realised something. Just watch this. 

I can’t reach the dart board to get the darts out, I can reach the smaller ones or the shorter ones, but the ones that are at the the top of the board, I just can’t get. So I have to ask someone to pull the darts out for me. The funny thing about this is, look I’ve been in a wheelchair now for a long time over 20 years. You reckon, I would have thought about that sort of thing, but it wasn’t until after I mounted the dart board that I realise that I couldn’t reach it. So this goes to show, there’s still some things that, even though my physical situations change, your mind never really accepts it. 

So stay safe Australia, otherwise you won’t be able to reach the dart board. I am Woody. 

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