Woody’s Words – Week 6 – Can’t Lift Heavy Things

Woody's Words

Woody the Safety Bloke talks about how he has to lift heavy things.

Good day everyone. Woody again. One of the things that really annoys me about being in a wheelchair is that, it’s hard to lift things that are heavy. Things like moving a car battery or some furniture, it’s really difficult for me to lift things and try and move my wheelchair at the same time. In a lot of cases, I just can’t do it and I have to rely on other people to do it for me. I’ll just give you a quick example of how I have to move a car battery. Piece of rag just to protect my clothes a little bit, always wear a pair of safety glasses when you’re working with batteries. You don’t want to get a little bit of acid flick up into your eyes. So I just have to lift it up and put it on my lap and then I have to push my wheelchair with the battery on my lap, over to the car to put it in the car. 

So little things like that, they do get to me from time to time. So don’t hurt yourself people. It’s not worth it. I Woody, until next time, take care.



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