Woody’s Words – Week 58 – Embarrassing??

Woody's Words

Woody the Safety Bloke is at Melbourne Airport showing you the airline wheelchairs!!

Good day everyone. Woody again. Hey listen I am in the airport at Melbourne. So at any minute now there could be announcement – come over the PA. So I am going to have to pause videoing. But I just wanted to show you something.

Now, I can’t walk onto the plane. I can sometimes take my chair to the door of the plane, but then they get me to transfer into what they call an aisle chair; there’s a couple sitting behind me there. I just want to show you the equipment that they use to get me on and off the plane. Now have a look at this first one. That’s it’s an aisle chair that they use to get me on and off the plane.

So pretty much I transfer out of my wheelchair onto the aisle chair and then somebody pushes me onto the plane. But I want to show you this other one, have a look at this, this is a new one the kind of just designed and had built for them.

Now I reckon that’s a shocker. It’s a worse looking chair I’ve ever seen. Look at that. If that doesn’t look like a shopping trolley, nothing does. Now look at this; they are expect me to get into that thing and then someone pushes me around the airport. I refuse. I want to stay in my own chair until boarding and then I’ll get into one of those other little narrow embarrassing ones. So yeah that’s just one of the things that I’ve got to put up with to be able to travel.

Anyhow, I am Woody, stay safe Australia.

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