Woody’s Words – Week 48 – Putting your shoes on

Woody's Words

My shoes last for ages…… But I still have to put them on every day! How someone in a wheelchair puts shoes on.

Good day everyone. Woody again. You know one of the things about having an injury or a disability, is the little things that take a lot longer or take a lot more effort. A simple thing like putting a pair of shoes on. I mean for you, you can just sit on the bed or sit on the chair, laying down, put your shoes on, tie them up and off you go. But for someone in my situation, it takes a little bit more time, a little bit more effort. Just watch this. I am going to put my shoes on. 

First I reach down and get my shoes off the ground, that’s hard for some people. Then I have to lift my leg up and actually put it on my lap, so just sort lean my one leg on there, and make sure it doesn’t fall off, I’ll then undo my laces, try and pull my shoe on. I normally buy shoes that either one or two sizes bigger than my foot, it just makes it easier for me to get my shoe on and off my foot, because I can’t push my toes in or wiggle my toes to get my shoes on. So yeah, I normally have big humongous feet or shoes. 

So just tie one up, put that one down and grab the other shoe, and then grab the other leg and the same thing for the other side. It’s funny that took me quite a bit of time to learn and I tried all the different ways of putting my shoes on. Firstly, I was leaning down and trying to get them on, on the ground. I tried to lean my legs on the bench or on the bed and try and put my shoes on. I found that this way works for me and I think, that’s the thing. When you get injured or when you get hurt, you just have to work out the best way for you to do things and what works for you. Sometimes that does take a bit of time. So there you go, got my shoes on. 

The other thing about shoes is my shoes don’t wear out. I reckon I can wear the same pair of shoes for maybe four or five years, and the only reason I’ll get rid of them is they get dirty. 

Anyhow, I am Woody. Stay safe Australia.

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