Woody’s Words – Week 47 – How Does Woody Sleep?

Woody's Words

Woody’s Words – Week 47 – How Does Woody Sleep?

Woody the Safety Bloke shows how he goes to bed…

Good day everyone, Woody again, have you ever thought about how someone in a wheelchair gets in and out of bed? I am, I went to a workplace a couple of weeks ago and one bloke actually asked me, he said, ‘James, do you sleep in your wheelchair?’ seriously? 

I don’t, I actually sleep in a bed just like you do but I just want to show you how I get in the bed. Now I just pull my wheelchair up alongside the bed, now this bed is fairly high so I have to lift myself on and off the bed. It does take a bit of effort just to lift myself out of my wheelchair off to the side of the bed and then lift one leg up then the other leg up and that’s, that’s how I get in to bed so it’s a bit of an effort and you know I laugh sometimes because you know if I’m feeling a little bit amorous or you know if I get the wink or the nod from my wife, by the time I get into bed, you know, I get undressed, she’s asleep. 

Anyhow I don’t know why I laugh about that but have a think about it that’s how I get in and out of bed every night. I’m woody, stay safe Australia. 

Hey, I just want to show you something else, I get a little bit of muscle spasm, the nerves in my back, where I broke my back and damaged my spinal cord, they’re all [Inaudible-02:01]  and hanging around so you know when I first get out of my wheelchair at the night time or if I get out of my wheelchair any time of the day and I lie down, I’ll get a little bit of a spasm that makes, makes my legs shake, now I’m not doing that, that’s doing that by itself so you know, it freaks me out a little bit but that’s all part of it. 

Don’t hurt yourselves Australia, I’m woody, see you next time, better make the bed otherwise I’ll be in trouble. 

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