Woody’s Words – Week 45 – The Worst Thing…

Woody's Words

Woody the Safety Bloke shares one of the worst things about life in a wheelchair.

Probably not what you would think!!

Hey, I’m woody again, listen just a quick Woody’s words this week, a while ago I was out at a workplace and sharing my story and one of the guys asked me, he said James, he said, ‘what’s one of the worst things about being in a wheelchair?’ now I think he probably expected me to say well I can’t reach things that are up high, I can’t get to some places if there’s steps or stairs but just before he asked me that question, you know, a couple of weeks before I was out in a park and I was having a bit of fun with my daughter and I had a pretty bad experience

And I said to this bloke, I said, yeah one of the worst things about being in a wheelchair is dog shit and when you think about what it’s like to get it on your foot you know when you step in it, if I go through a bit of a dog shit, it gets all over my wheels, all over my hands and everywhere. 

So if you’ve got a dog, pick up after the bloody thing, alright, I’m Woody, see you next time.

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