Woody’s Words – Week 41 – Carrying your Bags

Woody's Words

Woody the Safety Bloke shows you how he carries his bags.
James Wood…aka “Woody the Safety Bloke”, will be sharing weekly safety video messages, tips, thoughts, ideas etc…

Good day everyone, Woody, hey um of the things that’s annoyed me ever since I first ended up in a wheelchair is the fact that I can’t carry things. Now I know I’ve mentioned this before when I talked about carrying car parts and things like that but I mean you think about it how many times do you go to the shops and you grab two or three or four bags of groceries at one time and just walk into the house with it or a couple of bags of luggage, just have a look at this, this is how I have to carry my bag when I go away traveling.

I just grabbed my bag on my lap, strap around there to make sure it doesn’t fall off and then I have to carry my bag on my lap into the house. Now I can only carry one bag at a time. normally I have a computer bag and a backpack so you know I’ve got to make two or three trips just to get my bags into the house or the other option is that I ask somebody else to do but you know, I mean that’s… we’ve all got a bit of pride and I like to do it myself.

So this is how I carry my bag, there you go so that’s my first bag in, I’ve got two more trips back to the ute to get my other two bags so just have a think about that, you know, next time you’re out shopping with a whole heap of plastic bags and every single time I have to do a separate trip so something that used to take me, you know just a couple of minutes to do, now drags out to 5, 10, 15 minutes, don’t hurt yourself, it’s not worth it, stay safe Australia. 

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