Woody’s Words – Week 4 – PPE at Home

Woody's Words

Woody chats about the importance of PPE – Personal Protective Equipment

Good day again, Woody. Hey listen, I reckon we’re pretty good at wearing a PPE when we’re at work. But what about some of the things that you do around your house. I’ve seen people mow their lawns with a pair of thongs on. I’ve seen people climb up on their roof with no harness, no fall protection at all. So just have a bit of a think about some of the things that you do when you’re not at work. Flog a pair of safety glasses and wear them when you’re out doing the lawns or working in your shed. Hearing protection, wear them when you’re pushing the lawnmower. That’s the little things that can make a difference. I’m Woody, until next time, take care.

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