Woody’s Words – Week 33 – Handling the Heat and Cold!!

Woody's Words

Woody the Safety Bloke…what would you do if you couldn’t handle the Heat or the Cold??

Good day everyone, Woody again, it’s been pretty hot here this week, today is pushing 40 degrees. Now I’m pretty lucky because I’ve got a couple of air conditioners in the house and I’ve also got a pool that I can jump into if things get a little bit warm but I just wanted to share something with you. 

I didn’t know this before I had my accident but the spinal cord controls regulating your body temperature and for some people if they damage their spinal cord, they really struggle with hot and cold, some people with a with a damaged spinal cord, they can’t sweat so they have to sit in air conditioning or you know really be careful with the heat and also with the cold weather so just have a think about that, you know, I mean a lot of people think that if you have an injury, you know, like a spinal cord injury it just means that you have to get around in a wheelchair but imagine if you had to be really careful about the weather, heat and cold because your body just can’t regulate temperature. 

So there you go, another way that an injury changes things for you, anyhow, I’m woody, stay safe Australia, I’m going in for a dip. 

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