Woody’s Words – Week 32 – Woody is a Whinger

Woody's Words

Woody the Safety Bloke…is he a Whinger??

Good day everyone, Woody again, happy new year to you all. I hope you had a good one, not too bigger one, I had a pretty big one. It’s the 2nd January’s and I’m still a bit hungover but choices, I chose to drink too much and I’m not whingy which brings me to the topic of today’s Woody’s Words, a good mate of mine and I had a conversation just before Christmas. Now he watches all the Woody’s Words and he takes the piss out of me for some of the things that I say but he actually asked me if I was whinging about all of the things that I can’t do and you know I told him to piss off and wake up to himself as good mates you know you can talk to each other like that and not get offended but it actually got me thinking about if I was whinging too much. 

I mean, I look back on some of the old Woody’s words videos and I do complain a lot about the things that I can’t do because of the fact that I have to get around in a wheelchair but I’m not whingy, I’m trying to show people the real impact of getting hurt at work and if it means I have to complain about some of the things that I can’t do or you know even have a bit of a whinge about it, well I’m fine with that because the simple fact is it sucks to get hurt at work and it really changes… my life, well it’s changed my life and it’ll change your life, if you get hurt as well. 

So for anyone that does think that I whinge a bit, I challenge you to spend even one day getting around the way that I have to get around and you might think a little bit differently about the fact that I’m having a whinge. 

Anyhow happy new year again, I hope you all have a good one and a safe one. Let’s make 2017, the safest one ever, take care people, stay safe Australia. 

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