Woody’s Words – Week 3 – I Can’t Reach Things

Woody's Words

Woody talks about what the things he can’t do.

Good day everyone. Woody again. You know, one of the things that really pisses me off about being in a wheelchair, I can’t reach things that are up high. I can’t use a ladder. I go out to the shops and in the supermarket, things that are on the top shelf, I can’t get to. I’ve to ask the other customers to reach things for me. Now that’s embarrassing; sometimes, I am up in my shed and someone’s put something up on the high shelves that I can’t reach. So it’s the little things like that really make me realize some of the things that I can’t do. Don’t hurt yourself because those little things are sometimes worse than the big things that you’re not able to do anymore.

I’m Woody. See you next time.

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