Woody’s Words – Week 28 – Get on your bike

Woody's Words

Woody the Safety Bloke shows how he he gets on and off his road bike.

Hey everyone, Woody again, hey I think in the past I’ve shown you my bike. I ride a hand-powered bike, just for a bit of fitness exercise and it also means that I can eat a little bit more and have a few extra drinks and not blow up like a balloon but I just want to show you something, this is how I have to get on and off my bike. 

Now I can’t use my legs at all so I’ve got to lift myself on and off the bike, put the handlebars up there, pretty much throw a leg over. So just transfer onto my bike like that, get rid of my chair, my feet go up here and up here, so there you go, I can do a bit of training or a bit of exercise in my shed, if it’s, you know, crappy weather outside and that’s how I try and stay trim, taught and terrific. 

Okay and to get off the bike, it’s just a reverse of how I got on, sort of lean down, pull my legs off, other leg, pretty much just grab hold of my chair here and try to now lift myself back up into the wheelchair which is sometimes easier said than done so just one two… oops, back into the chair and then… legs are over there and we are done, so imagine having to do that every time you got on and off your bike. I’m woody, stay safe Australia. 

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