Woody’s Words – Week 25 – Merry Safe Christmas

Woody's Words


Woody the Safety Bloke wishes you a Merry Safe Christmas.

Good day people, Woody again, Christmas hat and all, hey listen I just want to take a minute to say thanks for all your support during the year, it’s been really good to meet some of you and have a yarn about, you know, how things changed for me and also listen to some of the stories that you’ve been able to tell me as well. 

Look, I’m not a safety nerd, I’ve got no qualifications in safety. I still think of myself as a diesel mechanic who stuffed up, I made some wrong choices, I got hurt and hopefully by sharing my little story I can give you something to think about and maybe stop somebody else from going through some of the shit that I’ve been through over the last 20 odd years, but anyhow I just want to say, have a great Christmas, a safe Christmas, enjoy whatever you do even if you’re working over this Christmas period, make the most of it and hopefully I can catch up with some of you during 2017. 

Alright Woody, signing out for the last time, take care everybody, stay safe Australia. 

BEHIND THE SCENES: [It’s been good to visit a lot of work, different business, **** we dead, hey everyone, Woody here, I just wanted to take a couple of minutes, that ****ing toilets still gone, shut up, yeah I’ve really enjoyed sharing some of my messages with some of the people this year because, ******* hell, can’t even, it’s not even funny] 

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