Woody’s Words – Week 18 – Setting up my Shed

Woody's Words

Woody the Safety Bloke share what it is like to set up your shed when you are in a wheelchair.

Good day everyone, Woody again, hey I’ve just moved house and I got to tell you how, it’s been painful, for those of you who’ve moved house, you’ll know what I’m speaking about but I’m just in the process of setting up my shed. I love my shed, every good bloke and woman deserves a shed, anyhow one of the things that I mentioned in a previous Woody’s Words is that I struggle to lift things that are heavy and I also don’t like to ask people to help me, so I’m a pretty stubborn sort of bloke so I just want to show you, I’ve got a little cabinet here that I want to try and get up onto my bench. 

Now I need to explain to you that I’ve got very little trunk function or very little stomach muscles, so I can’t lean over and lift at the same time. I usually have to use mostly upper body, just my shoulders and my arms to lift things so just have a look at this and that’ll give you a bit of an idea. I mean this thing is probably, 5 kilos maybe 6 kilos of the most so it’s a fairly light piece of cabinetry and if you was, you were to move it, you’d be able to just pick it up, shove it on your bench but just have a go at this and I’ll show you how I have to do it. 

A lot of it involves just balancing it at different places, have to try and get it up onto the shelf, at the same time try and push my chair and not move backwards and then try and lift it on to the bench, there you go so onto the bench top. 

Now that took a little bit longer than it would have taken you, was also a little bit awkward and I probably should have just asked someone to do it for me but sometimes you don’t want to do that. I want to try and do as much as I can, this is my shed, I want to set it up the way I want it set up so just shows you that little things take a bit longer and are bit more awkward to do. Don’t hurt yourself, it’s not worth it for the little changes. I’m Woody, I’ll see you next time, stay safe Australia. 

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