Woody’s Words – Week 17 – Annie’s View on Safety

Woody's Words

Woody the Safety Bloke talks with Annie about her views on Safety!

Woody: Good day everyone, Woody here again, today I’ve got a very special guest with me, what’s your name? What’s your real name? 

Annie: Annie 

Woody: Annie is… how old are you Annie 

Annie: five 

Woody: now today I want to have a chat with Annie because she’s got some really good views on safety, so Annie can you just tell me. What is safety all about? 

Annie: it’s about, you have to wear your helmet on bikes and scooters and if you are doing domestics you have to be very careful because sometimes you might fall over when you’re doing. 

Woody: that’s good so really safety is about not getting hurt, isn’t it? Now can I ask you a really important question Annie, how do you think you would feel if your mum or if I went to work one day and we got hurt and we didn’t come home. 

Annie: I would feel very sad 

Woody: yeah so do you think it’s important for all Mums and Dads to go to work and be safe 

Annie: yeah 

Woody: I think it’s very important, isn’t it? Alright so that’s Woody’s Words for this week, thank you to my very special guest Annie, stay safe Australia, see you next time. 

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