Woody’s Words – Week 14 – Going to the Tip

Woody's Words

Woody the Safety Bloke shares how going to the tip is not the easiest thing to do!!

Hey everyone, Woody again, hey I think one of the things that I get a little bit annoyed with is having to ask people to help me. I mean, I’ve got to take a trailer load of rubbish to the tip. Now I mean I could do it, don’t get me wrong but it takes me a hell of a long time to load the trailer up, back the car up, you know, hook it on and then when I get to the tip, we’ve got one of those fancy re-cycling tips where you’ve got to separate all your rubbish. 

So you know every time I’ve got to get in and out of the car, separate the rubbish, drive it to the next place. Now I’m pretty lucky because my young bloke helps me, there’s Dan over there, say good day Dan [yeah] but you know if I had to do it myself, it would probably take me two or three times longer than if Dan helps me. 

So you know little things like that add up over the long run, so have a think about it, how much would you have to rely on other people if you got hurt, I’m Woody, see you next time.


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