Woody’s Words – Week 13 – I Can’t Stack Wood

Woody's Words

Woody the Safety Bloke talks about some of the simple things he would like to do…like stack wood.

Good day everyone, Woody again, this is my woodpile, pretty impressive hey but I’ve got to be honest with you, I didn’t stack it. I’ve got a bloke that comes around and stacks wood for me and I’ve got a pain, we’ve got a wood fire in the house so it’s pretty nice to sit in front of a wood fire but to get wood from the wood pile up to the house, I just can’t do it well actually I can but I’ve got to put one or two pieces on my lap and then just take it up to the house, bit by bit. 

Normally my wife fills up a wheelbarrow full of wood and takes it up to the house and you know that’s something that I should be able to do, so you know there’s a lot of little things that you just can’t do anymore when you get hurt so take care out there people, you don’t want to hurt yourself because it’s certainly going to change things for you and for the people around you. I’m Woody, see you next time. 


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