Woody’s Words – Week 10 – The Cost of Equipment

Woody's Words

Woody the Safety Bloke talks about the cost of equipment after an accident.

Good day everyone, Woody again, you know the cost of an injury is pretty huge. One of the things that I’ve to rely on is equipment, you know, every day I have to get around using a wheelchair. Now a normal basic wheelchair, you’re probably looking at about 4 – 5 thousand dollars, they’re custom made just for me so there’s a fair bit of effort and work that goes into them. 

Any sporting or recreational equipment, you know, there’s no production line turning out thousands and thousands of these bikes each day, they’re all mainly hand-built and custom built to suit the person that uses them so the cost is pretty huge. 

I mean this bike, I think I paid about four thousand dollars for the bike and for a decent set of wheels, you know you’re looking at about another two, three thousand dollars so there’s seven thousand dollars for a bike that I can ride on the road. 

This one’s my mountain bike, you know, I think I paid about five-and-a-half thousand dollars US for that one. So you know, these three pieces of equipment you’re probably looking at about fifteen, twenty thousand dollars, so you know the cost is pretty horrific and in a lot of cases you know for people that are not covered by any sort of insurance or compensation, they just can’t afford some of these things. So don’t hurt yourself, it costs a lot of money. I’m Woody, see you next time. 


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