James Wood , Bernadette & Alan Byrne

Woody Interviews Alan Byrne

Safety Speakers

A must see interview that will make you think!!

What happened to Alan should never have happened…

On a 42+ degree day on the Whitsundays, Alan was laying bricks and working as a labourer. He started to feel unwell and decided to do the right thing and knock off early.

Alan started to walk home, but he collapsed from heat stress and fell over on the roundabout he was crossing.

He then lay there unconscious for 45 minutes as his body started to shut down and cause organ failure and permanent brain damage!

In that 45 minutes his life changed forever….

Alan tells us that people saw him lying there including his workmates!
But did not do anything about it!

Woody chats to Alan about what happened on that fateful day.

Alan’s Mum Bernadette also talks to Woody about the impact on her and the family……

As an employee or an employer…this will ensure you always…

Look out for your mates!

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