Woody gets Bogged

I spend a lot of time planning how I have to do things, I have some physical limitations because I use a wheelchair and I know that there are things that I can’t do and places I can’t get to in my wheelchair.

But sometimes I get caught out!

Recently I had to dump some timber and tree cuttings out to a mates place to burn them off. So I hooked up the trailer and set off down the road.
I had Vanessa with me to unload the trailer and I left my wheelchair at home assuming that it was going to be a quick trip.
We have had a lot of rain in Victoria, so before I backed into the paddock I asked Ness to walk in to see how wet it was.
She checked it out and said “If you stick close to the fence you should be right.”

Wrong!… I started to reverse in and just sunk into the soft ground very quickly becoming bogged!

Now I’m not sure if I can explain this properly, but I’m sitting in a car, bogged up to the axles and I do not have my wheelchair with me!
On top of this Vanessa is outside the car saying “Your wheels are just spinning.”
I mean seriously!

Can you imagine how I would be feeling?

I’ve been bogged before, when I could walk I would go and get some sticks or rocks and put them under the tyres for traction, it was actually part of the challenge to get unstuck.

But this time I could not do anything!

We rang a neighbor who has a 4WD with a winch and they quickly came over, hooked up the winch and got me out, I was never worried about being stuck for long.

I wanted to share this with you to ask about how you would cope with something like this happening to you. Especially if you were in my situation.

Getting hurt stops you from doing things, but it also stops you from being able to do things that you should be able to do.

Don’t hurt yourself people

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