Women and Workplace Health & Safety

Behind every workplace initiative and safety measure lies a wealth of diverse experiences and perspectives, each contributing to the overall mission of improving the wellbeing of individuals in the workplace. In this month’s blog we want to shine a spotlight on two of our speakers and the initiatives they have made on workplace health and safety.

Michelle Rath – CNB Speaker

Rather than talking about hypothetical hazards or presenting images of workplace injuries in an attempt to convince people to ‘think different’ about workplace safety, Michelle offers something different. Michelle is a safety advocate with the perspective of a mother who lost her young son in a workplace incident.

In 2013 her son Alex, a 4th year Air Conditioning and Refrigeration apprentice, was fatally electrocuted whilst on site. At just 23 years old, Alex left behind a family and fiance, changing all their lives forever. In the years following her loss, Michelle wanted to see real change in the workplace, hoping to prevent this from happening to others.

Encourage Real Change

This mission for change drove Michelle to become a safety advocate with CNB Safe. For over 10 years Michelle has been speaking with employers and employees about her first-hand experience, hoping her testimony brings about change in people’s approach to safety.

Michelles tenacity for workplace safety and bringing about change is admirable. Her ability to take a tragic experience and use it for safety advocacy has helped hundreds, if not thousands of individuals across Australia to be safer at work.

I cannot recommend a more powerful story and messaging that Michelle has given our organisation today. If you want to enable a meaningful and long lasting safety impression on your staff, then book Michelle today.
Stephen Stringer, SHEQ Manager, Westpac Rescue Helicopter Service

Dr Lana Cormie – CNB Speaker

Some voices go beyond the corporate ‘safety talk’ many workplaces receive, delving deeper into the human experience and asking individuals to have a greater importance on safety. Dr Lana Cormie brings this human experience and personal perspective to workplaces as a CNB Safe Speaker.

Being the newest addition to the CNB Safe team, Lana’s journey into workplace safety advocacy was born out of tragedy. In 2018, her husband Charlie lost his life working in civil construction. This avoidable incident claimed not only Charlie’s life, but also left Lana and her children to navigate life without a husband and father.

A Catalyst For A Safer Work Environment

Since this incident, Lana has used her grief and turned it into a powerful message for change, becoming a dedicated advocate for safer workplaces. Based on her experience, Lana offers workplaces a unique perspective, aiding in her mission to embed safety into every individual and every task in the workplace.

Lanas dedication towards workplace safety advocacy cannot be understated. Her presentation and story has undoubtedly had a positive impact on Australian workplaces and individuals.

Lana provides an open sharing into her life and the struggles she has endured and continues to endure. With a Clear and Precise message – safety is the most important thing about work!
Mark Nisbet, National Distribution Centres Lead, Reece Group

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