Who’s Fault is This?

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So here’s a question for the safety people, recently I was out at a shopping centre and a van pulled into the wheelchair park next to me.
I sat and watched as the driver got out and lifted the tailgate with some difficulty, she then reached over and grabbed a stick that was in the van and propped the tailgate open with it.
The driver then started to unload a passenger in a wheelchair using a hoist all the time while being under the tailgate held up by a stick.
So my question to you all is who do you think is at fault here?

  • The driver for using a piece of equipment that is obviously faulty, if they have gone to the trouble to make a stick that holds the tailgate open it has obviously been like this for a while
  • The company for failing to maintain their vehicles to a safe standard
  • The passenger for agreeing to be carried in a vehicle that is not safe and could cause an injury if the tailgate dropped
  • Me… For observing this act and allowing it to proceed

I’d like to know your thoughts on this one, send me an email at woody@cnbsafe.com.au and for those of you who do I will let you know what action I took.

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