When does an Injury Stop?

Ok so here is an interesting one for you to think about.
If someone gets hurt at work does the injury start and stop there?

The answer is NO…

Some injuries have ongoing and lasting effects.

About 12 months ago I knocked my toe on a table leg, it scratched the top of the toe and I put a band aid on it. It healed a few weeks later and I thought that was it. But the wound then reopened and then it healed again.

This happened a few times during the year so I showed my GP and she referred me to a wound specialist.

The wound specialist looked at it and said straight away “You have Osteomyelitis in the joint and we need to take that toe off.”

Fast forward a week or so and I am admitted to hospital and my second left toe was amputated.
It’s healed nicely and there is no sign of the infection.

I asked the surgeon if I was not in a wheelchair would the joint have got infected?

He said “No probably not!”

Ok, so I got hurt 20 plus years ago and the initial injury is now starting to cause other injuries and complications!…

That really sucks!
Don’t hurt yourselves people!

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