Wheels in Motion – July 2019 – Ignorance Does Not Spell Bliss!

Wheels in Motion

Hello everyone, another month has passed.

This has been a busy month for me,
I worked for a national company that has operations in many different states.
It took me to QLD, NSW, VIC. I must admit it was quite draining to travel so much in a month.
But it was worth it if it stops even one person from getting hurt at work.

So have a read of this months newsletter and take out of it what you will…..

But keep in mind that I wouldn’t be writing this newsletter if I didn’t really understand
how an injury really changed my life and how by sharing these stories
we hope that it stops someone else from going through some of the things
that me and the other speakers have experienced.

Stay Safe Australia

James Wood & The CNBSafe Team

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