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Wheels in Motion – December 2018 Newsletter – Stay Safe this Christmas & New Year!

Wheels in Motion
Thank you and Merry Christmas

On behalf of myself and everyone at CNBSafe I’d like to thank you for your support during 2018.
Our Safety Speakers know what it’s like to get hurt, but without you allowing us to share our stories at your workplaces we would all be looking for other jobs or ways to earn a living.

So we appreciate your support in inviting us to your business and we hope we can continue to work with you for many years to come.
So have a happy, fun and most of all a SAFE Christmas and let’s work harder next year to make sure that NO ONE gets hurt or killed at work!
Safe Wishes…James (Woody), Vanessa, Bek, Sandy, Michelle, Alan, Greg (Smithy), Rohan, Michael and Donna, Anton (Guins) & Safety Annie!

Stay Safe Australia and the World…see you Next Year!

James Wood & The CNBSafe Team


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