Wheels in Motion – 150th Edition

Wheels in Motion

Welcome to the 150th Edition of Wheels in Motion

So that is 150 months of newsletters, or 12 and a half years. Not a bad effort if I do say so myself. Some months I have had to really push myself to write a newsletter and other months I have had to pull myself up because there is just so much I want to talk about.

For those of you who read the newsletter on a regular basis I thank you, the occasional comment or feedback about something myself or one of the team has shared is greatly appreciated.

I will keep sharing stories and thoughts with you for as long as I feel it is working. All it takes is for someone to say to me “I really liked what you wrote in the newsletter last month”, to justify that it’s worth the effort that we all put in.
So here we go with the July edition. Please feel free to comment on our stories, articles and general thoughts.

Stay Safe
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