We do what we need to do!

Since losing my son Alex, speaking his name and sharing his journey is something I knew I needed to do right from the beginning.

This is not something that will ever change as today he is still very much a big part of our families life, contrary to what some believe.

Lives don’t move forward, families like mine are changed forever and I know now that we will always be a Work In Progress.
I am also involved each year in The International Workers Memorial Day.

This is a day that serves as a reminder of all those that have lost their lives to a workplace accident.
It’s a hard day to get through but as an active member of VOID (Voice of Industrial Death). New families and friends are welcomed at VOID where ongoing support and advise is provided.
Alex was also an apprentice so my family attend the annual PEER Awards each year. This celebrates graduating apprentices as well as recognition of those excelling in their chosen trade or field.
Our family felt it was important to put forward an award in our sons name back in 2013 which will serves as a constant reminder on the importance of safety measures and training and we look forward to attending these awards again on May 26th.

These are only some of the things that help me on a daily basis.
It is also recognising that Alex is always with me and teaching me to be a better version of myself by sharing what is a very painful journey.
BUT knowing that I can potentially benefit others in doing what I do. And that is sharing his journey. Michelle Rath

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